Our horseback ride was really great. Couldn't have been better really, one of the highlights of our trip!


National Park Wildlife Safaris

May - November

Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park set the stage for exceptional guided van wildlife tours. Whether you choose the stunning views of the Grand Teton Range at sunset, or the geysers and fumaroles of Yellowstone National Park, the raw and rugged beauty of the landscape will leave an impression. Your naturalist guide will also lead you to the best spots to view and photograph wildlife in their natural habitat. Binoculars and a spotting scope are provided on each tour. Add a hike into your tour in Yellowstone National Park and your guide will take you off the beaten path and show you a side of Yellowstone rarely seen. Trips are taken in luxury 12 passenger vans with high ceilings, making for a semi private tour feeling.

TOTAL TRIP TIME: Trip time varies depending on tour. Half-day and Full-day tours are available.

DEPARTURE TIMES: Departure time varies depending on tour

TRIP IDEAL FOR: Nature lovers of all ages

Adults $125 - $300 / Children (12 and under) $95 - $300

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Grand Teton National Park Scenic Float

May - September

See the most spectacular mountain range in America from the ultimate vantage point along the Snake River! This trip begins just yards from where Ansel Adams took his iconic photo of the Tetons and the Snake River. Float through the nesting area of Grand Teton's Bald Eagle population and enjoy vistas you can't get without being on the water. Learn about park history, Teton Range geology, and local flora and fauna as you float what may be the most beautiful 10 miles of river on the planet.


DEPARTURE TIMES: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Floats are available.

Adults $60-$70 / Child $40

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Fly Fishing Trips

June - October

The Snake River has been called the best fly fishing river for beginning fly fishermen. Cutthroat trout take dry flies quite readily and even an absolute beginner has been able to catch trout! Join an expert guide who will be happy to teach you the methods of casting and working a fly. Casting is done from the drift boat so you are able to reach waters that are not fishable from the bank.

TOTAL TRIP TIME: 4-5 hours (half day trip)


TRIP IDEAL FOR: Anglers of all ages

$425 per boat

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ATV Tours

June - September

Enjoy a half-day or full-day tour off the beaten path in the Gros Ventre Mountains. Enjoy mountainous terrain, incredible Teton views, and potential wildlife viewing as you join your guide for this adventure

TOTAL TRIP TIME: 4-7 hours (half-day and full-day available)

DEPARTURE TIMES: AM and PM departures

Adult $229-$299

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